ESET Mobile Security offers antivirus, antispam and anti-theft protection for your smartphone. While we feel that this mobile security software is missing a few features, including parental control monitoring and online management, its features are powerful. It will protect your files and information from cyber criminals and hackers if you happen to lose your phone. The software application does have some impressive features, such as a Task Manager, complete with full security audit.

The smartphone security software includes firewall protection, which places a barrier on your device’s ports and lets you monitor all messages that are received by and sent from your phone. Antispam protection is also included with this mobile security software, which keeps your inbox free of junk and potentially harmful files. If a virus, spam or malware is discovered during one of the routine or schedule scans, the mobile security application will place the malicious files into a quarantine section. These will stay there until you have verified that you want the files and that they are safe. Those that are unsafe will be deleted.

ESET Mobile Security protects select Symbian phones, Windows Mobile 6.5, 6.1, 6.0 and 5.0, and Android 4.0, 3.0, 2.3, 2.2, 2.1 and 2.0. We are disappointed that this cell phone security software is not compatible with Windows Phone 7.

One of the advantages to using ESET Mobile Security is its strong anti-theft features. The Trusted Friend feature is brilliant. You can choose a friend who will have all of your phone's information. If your phone is stolen and the thief replaces the SIM card in the device, your designated friend will receive an alert. This will include the phone number associated with the new phone number of the new SIM card, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity number and the phone's International Mobile Equipment Identity number. If the person who took your phone checks the outbox folder, they won't see that this message has been sent.

Beyond this feature, the mobile security software enables you to wipe all of your data, including contacts, text and email messages. ESET Mobile Security also has the capability to delete any data that you may have stored on a memory card located in the phone. With these same text commands, you can also lock your phone, locate it using your phone's built-in GPS and reset the password. We do wish that there was an online management account instead of the text commands, because then you could also back up the data that you erase. Now, when you wipe your phone, everything is just gone.

The Task Manager feature is one of our favorites. It monitors the vitals of your smartphone and then creates a Security Audit so that you know exactly what is going on with your phone in terms of function, battery life, disk space, Bluetooth and more.

ESET Mobile Security offers real-time protection, meaning that if a file is sent or downloaded to your smartphone, it is automatically scanned to ensure that no virus or suspicious material is attached. If malware is detected, the file will be eliminated immediately. This protection level occurs in the background, which makes it easy for you because you really don't have to do anything for the process to occur. You can also run scans on your device any time, and schedule recurring scans. ESET performs scans at a much faster pace compared to similar mobile security software.

This mobile security software application is simple to install on your device and you can choose to install it using two separate methods. One way is by installing the software on your computer and then syncing your phone with your computer. The second option is to install the software directly on your cell phone. You just have to access the ESET webpage with your smartphone and follow the installation links directly from the site.

This mobile security software offers adequate customer support, complete with user manuals if you need step-by-step guidance on specific tasks such as installing, updating or scanning for viruses. We are disappointed there is no live chat support, and we were unable to easily find a telephone number to receive telephone support, although there is one available.

ESET Mobile Security Summary:

This cell phone security software does offer powerful protection and some great features, if you own an Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile phone with one of the supported operating systems. We do wish the software were available for a wider range of systems, especially Windows Phone 7. We are also disappointed that, while you can remotely wipe and lock your phone using text commands, there is not an online management account for remote backups.


ESET Mobile Security

This mobile security software offers real-time protection to quickly remove any suspicious files from your device.

There is no live chat support from ESET customer service.

The Verdict
: 8.25/10

ESET Mobile Security comes with powerful antivirus protection. This protection shields your cellular device from suspicious and damaging files.