This mobile security software has the ability to protect and defend your personal and professional information on a variety of levels. It provides superior antivirus and anti-theft protection for your cell phone with a core and cloud defense system. Core protection shields your phone from viruses, spyware and other malicious programs, safeguarding your stored and downloaded information and apps. The cloud protection operates on a different level using heuristic technologies and real-time protection to ensure that threats are neutralized.

Kaspersky Mobile Security works silently and proficiently in the background, allowing you to send emails and text message, add contacts and calendar events without popups.

Silent but effective, the cell phone security application offers real-time protection from malware. When an infected file is found during a routine or scheduled scan, you will be immediately notified and charged with the decision to delete the infected file or app immediately, or to let it pass into the quarantine section. The quarantine area will keep the file intact, should you decide to open it later, but it will contain any current threats it may pose.

This smartphone security application scans your phone's internal memory and memory cards, protecting them from viruses and spam. To eliminate or decrease spam, you can designate specific sources to either block or accept messages, such as phone numbers that you do not trust. You can place these on a blacklist. You can even designate which types of messages (SMS or MMS) to allow or block for each source.

Kaspersky Mobile Security software protects your smartphone from physical and digital threats. The cell phone security application incorporates anti-theft protection along with antivirus solutions. Whether by accident or direct theft, if your smartphone is not with you, your information could be at risk. This mobile security software puts you in control of your phone, even if it is out of your hands. It is wonderful that you can remotely block your phone and wipe any confidential data from memory. You can make the phone emit a loud siren sound to help you find it if it is within earshot. You can even take a photo of the person who took your phone if it has a frontal camera. By using Kaspersky's anti-theft web management portal, you have access to all of the anti-theft capabilities.

Another anti-theft feature that Kaspersky includes is SIM Watch. When a thief removes your SIM card and replaces it with another, the phone automatically sends you the new telephone number, without the thief's knowledge, so you can track down the perpetrator and your phone. You can also use this feature to completely disable the device.

Parental control monitoring features are also missing from this mobile antivirus application's repertoire. Kaspersky does offer a free app that does have this feature, but it is an addition to, and not integrated with, the actual mobile security software.

Kaspersky’s Mobile Security is simple and easy to use. The interface is straightforward and intuitive to navigate. You can schedule virus scans for specific times, or perform an on-demand scan whenever you want. Scans and the actions taken are reported in an activity log. Updates with the most current virus protection are delivered to your phone automatically over a wireless connection. This ensures that your phone will be protected from emerging threats as soon as possible, without any extra work for you.

This app is also easy to install on your computer and then transfer to your mobile device. Keep in mind that this mobile security software application only works on Android systems.

You can contact Kaspersky by email, phone and live chat. The user manual is thorough. It is a great resource for users and those who are interested in seeing how the software works and how it can protect your device.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Summary:

Kaspersky has taken its antivirus expertise and transferred it to the mobile world. With this mobile security software, your phone is protected from the inside out. Not only will your smartphone be equipped to defend against mobile malware, but it will also be protected from physical theft. We especially like the online account management account and the ability to lock and wipe your data remotely.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky does a great job when it comes to detecting malware. In the case of theft or loss, you can use it to locate your missing phone.

This mobile antivirus software is for Android only.

The Verdict
: 8.48/10

With automatic updates and real-time protection, Kaspersky does the work for you. Online access to antitheft features is excellent.