Cloud-based technology is NQ Mobile's "secret to success," "biggest strength" and "competitive advantage." With a team of more than 250 researchers who specialize in cloud research and development, this mobile security software application confidently states that it is the first to identify a large majority (75 percent) of the mobile threats plaguing the globe.

This real-time mobile security software protection applies to malware that might be transmitted through chat sessions, web browsing and links that are contained in text and multimedia messages. It also scans applications' installation files to ensure that installing a new program doesn’t introduce a virus to your smartphone. Although real-time protection does catch many of the threats, you can also choose to perform a total device scan, scheduled scan and one-touch scan. Following each kind of scan, this mobile security software details what it finds in each category.

NetQin Mobile Security protects your smartphone from viruses, worms, spyware, malware and other dangers that could threaten the safety of your personal information. The cell phone security software operates in real time so that if a virus or other malicious application were to infect the device, it would be identified and immediately removed without waiting to perform a scan.

Traffic monitoring tools are available with this application that examine your smartphone’s data usage to prevent you from using too much and having a large payment at the end of the month. You can also enhance your smartphone’s memory, battery and CPU performance with NetQin’s device optimization.

In addition, this mobile security application provides the ability to back up all your contacts to an SD card or to a NetQin server. We are disappointed that you are not able to back up any of your phone’s other data, however, such as SMS messages, videos, photos, calendar appointments and so forth.

From a single main interface screen, you have access to all the primary functions of the application and everything that follows. The design is basic, but the user interface is simple to navigate, and each function screen presents its information in a clear and concise way.

Malware protection runs silently in the background and only alerts you if a problem is encountered. All of the on-demand functions are simple and straightforward.

If you have questions concerning your mobile security software, you can visit the NQ Mobile Help Center. Here, you will find a FAQs section, user forum and user guide specifically for NetQin Mobile Security. You are able to connect with the smartphone security company via Facebook and Twitter, which may be the only way to actually get a response from a technical support representative, as live chat support and telephone support is not offered.

NQ Mobile does have customer support via email, but we found that this option isn't really an option. We submitted an email to customer support and immediately received a confirmation email saying that our request was being processed. We waited for more than a week for a response, but we still have yet to hear from customer support. Not only is this extremely annoying, but it is also frustrating.

If you are interested in social networking, inter-web dialog and the world of communication, you may want to stop by NQ Mobile's blog, which is frequently updated.

NetQin Mobile Security Summary:

We think it is wonderful that NQ Mobile has such a large research and development team that is constantly on the case, ridding the world of malware, viruses, spyware, hackers and more. The company claims that its mobile security software, NetQin Mobile Security, is the best application on the market. Through our own research, we have concluded that this claim is just not true. NetQin Mobile Security does offer effective, on-demand scanning and real-time protection, but we are disappointed with the email support, or lack thereof, and the inability to back up any data besides your contacts.


NetQin Mobile Security

The device performance optimization feature is ideal for enhancing your phone’s memory, CPU and battery life.

The mobile security software lacks live chat support and telephone support.

The Verdict
: 6.25/10

NQ Mobile’s NetQin Mobile Security Software may not have all of the features of a top-performing security application, but it does offer protection, optimization and traffic monitoring.