Your smartphone has become a part of you – almost another limb. What if you lost your phone today or it was stolen? Do you have mobile security software already installed, working tirelessly to prevent hackers and scammers from uncovering and using any of your personal information? If you answered "no" to that question, then may we suggest that you stop playing Angry Birds and purchase a smartphone security application, such as Trend Mobile Security, as soon as possible?

Trend Mobile Security provides real-time protection, working silently in the background. The application protects against the viruses, spam and malware that you can pick up from malicious emails, text messages and even from the apps that you download to your Android device.

Finding and downloading apps is half the fun of owning a smartphone. There is an app for everything. Although you may download the app from a legitimate website, such as Google Play, you may still be giving malicious and harmful material access to your personal information. The Trend Micro app scanner protection feature automatically scans everything you install on your device and thoroughly inspects its code to prevent a virus or other threat from weaseling its way onto your Android device. There is also an activity log available that allows you to see the history of past scans.

If your Android smartphone is lost or stolen, there are several features available to protect your personal information and help you find your lost phone. Trend Micro Mobile Security lets you lock and wipe the device remotely. This means that if your phone is lost, you can lock it from a computer and the phone cannot be accessed unless a password is entered. You also have the option to completely wipe all information from the phone to prevent unwanted people from accessing it.

If you think all of your personal information is safe on your smartphone, think again. Viruses, spyware and many other types of malware are a threat to your device and are closer than you would like to think. Trend Micro Mobile Security provides the tools and features to keep your mobile device protected from hackers and malicious software.

Trend Micro Mobile Security has an extensive feature set. You can block both calls and text messages using this mobile security application. This valuable feature allows you to block unknown numbers and those callers you would rather avoid talking to.

There are also excellent parental control features available on this mobile security software. Using these controls, you can block websites and control who your child calls and texts. You can also set the protection level on the mobile device to match the age of your child, so the younger the child is, the more protection they will receive.

Before purchasing the mobile security software, you do have the ability to download the application to your phone by scanning a QR code located on the site with your Android device. We found this convenient and hoped that the download process for the actual software edition would be as simple. It is.

The smartphone security application is only available on Android 2.2 and above. If you have an Android application that fits those system requirements, then you will benefit from this software. We think it is unfortunate, however, that the mobile security application is not compatible with more systems.

Trend Micro offers several customer support options. You can reach a customer service representative by email, telephone and live chat. There is also online help available on the Trend Micro website, including a FAQs section. However, even with the help options available, this application doesn’t receive full marks. After searching on the Trend Micro website, we could not find a user manual for this application.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Summary:

If you have an Android smartphone and are looking for strong protection, Trend Micro Mobile Security may be what you need. This app features antivirus protection, along with call and text blocking, parental controls and a built-in application scanner. We are disappointed in the lack of backup and restore capabilities for your personal data, and that the support section does not offer a user manual. Overall, though, this mobile security software provides the protection you need to keep your phone – and most important, your data – safe.

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Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition

Trend Micro security software features outstanding call blocking features, parental control tools and lost device protection.

This cell phone security application does not allow you to back up your data in case of an emergency or restore it to another device.

The Verdict
: 7.95/10

Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition is an ideal application if you have an Android smartphone.