Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile offers both a free security application and full-blown premium mobile security software that includes premier features to match its price tag. The premier cell phone security software application offers secure web browsing and antivirus protection, as well as a variety of shields and an app inspector. When reading through this review, please note that the version of this application we tested operates on an Android system, version 2.1 and higher. You can also purchase a separate mobile and tablet security application that operates on iOS devices.

This cell phone security software has Active Protection shields that will send an immediate alert if any malicious content is detected on your phone. There are five different kinds of shields:

Install – What may look like an app for an entertaining game could be a potential risk for your phone. The Install shield scans all new applications for threats and, if any are found, will stop the installation process and send the files to the quarantine section. This shield also scans all updates for apps you already have installed on your device.

File System – The memory card in your phone is another location where a virus or threat could latch itself. The File System shield scans your memory card and, if a threat is found, alerts you and sends suspect files to the quarantine section.

Execution – If a file or application tries to install itself on your mobile phone without your consent or knowledge, the Execution shield will alert you and send the threat to quarantine.

Unknown Sources – This shield is only available with the Premium version of this mobile security software. The Unknown shield enables you to download content from sources other than Google Play safely.

USB Debugging – This shield is only available with the Premium version as well. If you plug your phone into a computer, you do run the risk of downloading malicious content from the USB port. This shield protects your smartphone from any viruses or malware attempting to board your mobile phone via USB.

One of the standout features available with this mobile security application is the protection it offers if your phone is lost or stolen. You can use the device-locate tool to find the location of your phone on a map. You can also use the device-scream tool to sound an alarm, even if your phone is on silent. While your phone is lost, you can log into your online Webroot account to lock your device, which will deny access to all contents of the phone. From this online management account, you can also wipe your smartphone, which will delete all personal information. Unfortunately, this mobile security software application does not enable you to back up your data to restore to your device later, so make sure your phone is actually lost before wiping your data.

Webroot Mobile Security offers automatic and on-demand scans to ensure full protection of your cell phone. By default, your phone is scanned weekly, but you can choose to have the scans occur daily and even hourly.

As previously mentioned, this mobile security software application provides an online management account where you can remotely lock your phone and wipe the data. However, there is no way to restore your contacts, calendar appointments, messages and other content stored on the device if you choose this route. We feel that this is impractical and that a restore-from-backup feature should definitely be included.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile has excellent customer help and support options. You can contact customer support via email, live chat and technical support via email. We had a very good experience with the live chat support agent. While perusing through Webroot's website, a Can We Help You live chat window popped up, which was fantastic. You can also find information regarding the product in the community forums, knowledgebase, FAQs and blog.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Summary:

You never know when a downloaded app might contain a virus or if a webpage is infected with malicious threats. Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier offers antivirus protection that is designed to find malware before it can do any damage to your phone. We appreciate the five different shields within this application that ensure that your smartphone is safe, whether you are downloading apps or plugging your phone into a computer's USB port.

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Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier

This smartphone security application features secure web browsing, so you can browse the internet on your phone without worrying about each webpage you access.

Although you have an online management account, you are not able to back up any of your phone's data to the system.

The Verdict
: 6.63/10

Webroot may not have all of the features it would need to be considered the best mobile security software, but it does have excellent customer support and will protect your Android device from malware.